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Chandigarh Amateur Cycling Association

However, the best reason of all is the opportunity to connect with other riders. With over 160 members in our club, you are sure to find a group. Each ride indicates the expected pace and distance of the ride.

Come and join us

Chandigarh State Mountain Bike Cycling Championship 2022.

Chandigarh State Mountain Bike Cycling Championship 2022 will be held on August 06 & 07, 2022 and the Chandigarh State team will be selected on the bases of the results of this championship to represented Chandigarh State in the Senior, Junior & Sub Junior National Mountain Bike Cycling Championship.

Chandigarh Amateur
Cycling Association

The Chandigarh Amateur Cycling Association (CACA) stands as a testament to the passion and dedication of city cyclists and sports enthusiasts in Chandigarh. Established in 1980 and officially registered in 1988, CACA has been at the forefront of promoting cycling as not just a sport but a way of life. As a non-government sports organization, CACA has played a pivotal role in fostering a cycling culture within the community.

Mission & Objective

The mission and objectives of the Chandigarh Amateur Cycling Association are deeply rooted in the belief that cycling encompasses more than just a competitive sport. CACA strives to develop and promote all facets of cycling without any form of discrimination. The association is committed to working closely with state, national, and international sports organizations to achieve its overarching goals.

The core values of CACA extend beyond the physical act of cycling. By “all aspects of cycling,” the association refers to the holistic benefits that cycling offers, including sportsmanship, competition, personal effort, character building, overall well-being, and the principles of fair play.

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Members are welcome to race if they choose to do so. However, the best reason of all is the opportunity to connect with other riders.

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Chandigarh State Road Cycling Championship 2021.

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Chandigarh State Mountain Bike Cycling Championship 2022

Chandigarh State Road Cycling Championship 2022

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Reasons to Ride or Participate in Chandigarh Amateur Cycling Association Events

Inclusive Cycling Culture:

Embrace your passion for cycling, as Chandigarh Amateur Cycling Association welcomes everyone. We are committed to an open and inclusive cycling culture that celebrates diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic background, and skill level.

Participate in cycling competitions and events to develop valuable life skills.Learn teamwork, decision-making, risk management, and safety, all while enhancing focus amid the fast-paced cycling environment. Foster a sense of community, where riders support and lookout for each other.

Your accomplishments on the bike can translate into academic success.Engaging in physical activity, such as cycling, has been proven to boost academic performance. Research indicates a positive correlation between physical activity and improvements in language, reading, and basic battery scores.

Joining Chandigarh Amateur Cycling Association opens doors to new possibilities.Challenge yourself, extend your limits, and discover the thrill of achieving what you once thought impossible.

Combat the rise of childhood obesity by adopting regular physical activity through cycling. Develop lifelong healthy habits that strengthen your body, increase cardiovascular fitness, and enhance muscle strength and flexibility. Reduce the risk of developing conditions like diabetes and heart disease later in life.

Chandigarh Amateur Cycling Association prioritizes a healthy lifestyle over winning races. Our philosophy revolves around balancing competitive and non-competitive cycling events. Recognizing that not all participants thrive on competition, we emphasize fitness, skills, and sportsmanship over the sole pursuit of victory.

Riding with Chandigarh Amateur Cycling Association is an opportunity to be part of a team while expressing your individuality. Enjoy the camaraderie of spending time with friends and revel in the sheer joy of cycling. At the end of the day, it’s about having fun and embracing your unique identity within the cycling community.


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 The bicycle is a tool to disrupt systems that contribute to the climate crisis. We make decisions based on environmental impact.